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We assist business from all over the world to succeed on target markets in the Middle East

We have been involved in the launch of numerous businesses in the region and understand the challenges of balancing various considerations while prioritizing the development of a sustainable business model. We are able to successfully navigate these obstacles.


strategy 1

Market access

Successfully bring a products and services to market, generate demands and ultimately drive revenue growth.

Growth hacking

strategy 2
strategy 3
Customer development – complex marketing analysis based on real customer data, product/market fit;

Packaging – unique selling proposition, marketing kit, fin & business models, online footprint, legal base;

Regulatory – requirements for specific products, regulatory road map, end-to-end maintaining;

IP management – strategy of protection and commercialization, patent and trade mark application.
A set of tactics and strategies for a soft landing for a company in the Middle East, and rapidly growing the business at a low cost.
Ecosystem access – successful landing through accelerators and incubators program;

Fundraising – grants for Proof-of-concept and clinical trials, due diligence, valuation, mentoring in investment process;

Legal entity – supervision in selection of an optimal location relevant to the companies’ specifics. Organization structure.
Soft landing approach to test the market's receptivity to the product, gather feedback from early adopters, and make any necessary adjustments.
Proof-of-concept – pre-sales, pilot implementations;

Sales – direct sales and distribution through partner’s network;

Partnerships – access to local holdings as a strategic partners.

Successful business development strategies

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