Efficient Delivery and Customs Clearance in the UAE

At Income we pride ourselves on being the architects of thriving businesses, particularly in the medical sector. With our unparalleled expertise and commitment to excellence, we are excited to present a new superpower of our company – efficient delivery and customs clearance of goods to the United Arab Emirates.

Recently, we successfully managed the importation of medical devices from South Korea, developed by a client specializing in unique diagnostic tools for women’s health. Initially, the client considered engaging our competitors for delivery services. However, exorbitant costs and prolonged timelines made it financially impractical for the client to continue operations in the region with them.

After a detailed discussion with the client to understand their specific needs, we took charge of the project. Our team expertly handled the entire logistics process, including:

– Collecting the shipment in South Korea.
– Ensuring seamless delivery to Dubai.
– Conducting prompt customs clearance upon arrival.
– Efficiently transporting the goods to the designated warehouse.

Our solution proved to be three times more cost-effective and one week faster than what our competitors had proposed. As a result, the medical devices are now available on store shelves across the UAE, significantly ahead of schedule.

We are deeply gratified by the client's high level of satisfaction with the quality of our services! We stand ready to assist them with their future logistical needs

For businesses seeking reliable delivery and customs clearance services in the UAE, Income is your trusted partner. We combine efficiency, speed, and reliability to ensure your products reach the market promptly and cost-effectively.

Income. Your architect for constructing a thriving business.

P.S. Our founder Anton Melnikov recently visited the Al Quoz Industrial Area to personally oversee the final stages of the project, ensuring everything was executed perfectly.