Artificial skin innovative product goes to South America

🌍🚀 Exciting Market Expansion: Novoskin's Market Entry into South America 🚀🌍

At Income, we're thrilled to share our recent journey assisting Novoskin in expanding its market reach into South America.

Novoskin, with its innovative wound care solution designed for treating burns, bullous epidermolysis, and various types of wounds, aimed to enter South American markets. Our task was to determine the most promising markets and formulate an effective market entry strategy.

🔍 Market Analysis: Insight into Target Markets

In our quest to assist Novoskin's expansion into South America, we thoroughly examined target markets for burns, bullous epidermolysis, and trophic ulcers. We analyzed condition prevalence, treatment landscapes, and healthcare infrastructure in each country. Through PESTLE analysis tailored to each selected country, we delved deep into the socio-political, economic, socio-cultural, technological, environmental, and legal landscapes. This enabled us to identify the most conducive environments for Novoskin's penetration.

📈 Competitor Assessment: Understanding the Landscape

We meticulously studied existing competitors in these markets, dissecting their sales channel structures, pricing strategies, and market positioning. This comprehensive understanding allowed us to craft strategic recommendations for Novoskin's pricing policies upon entry.

🤝 Collaboration Opportunities: Forging Partnerships

Identifying potential collaborations with competitors and key partnerships with significant organizations within the target countries proved pivotal. Our team successfully pinpointed potential partners, both among competitors and within significant organizations in the target countries.

🚀 Embarking on Success: A Bright Future

After careful consideration of all factors, we determined the priority countries and outlined a tailored strategy for Novoskin. With a clear roadmap in place, Novoskin is poised for success as it ventures into these new and promising markets.

We're excited to witness the positive outcomes of this expansion and look forward to continuing our journey of driving business development for biomedtech companies in the Middle East and beyond.

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