Establishing a strong foothold for the SkinCheckUp company

One of the most exciting experiences in the MENA region our team has acquired with the SkinCheckUp company. SkinCheckUp is an AI service for skin cancer and melanoma detection by the photo of the moles.

While working on the case:
  • We participated in two key industry events, JITEX and Arab Health, where we successfully cooperated with many decision makers in the industry. These events provided an opportunity to showcase SkinCheck Up solution and effectively communicate with potential customers.
  • Regulatory support was provided to ensure that SkinCheckUp LLC's product complied with local regulations and requirements. We worked with local regulatory bodies to obtain the necessary approvals and certifications
  • A suite of marketing materials was compiled for the project, including value propositions, product market fits, identified metrics important to customers. market.
  • A pricing strategy that was competitive and attractive to potential customers is developed
  • We also developed 5 client scenarios: service for clients to check moles at home, service to help clients stay motivated for visits, telemedicine consultation services based on AI reports, clinical decision support tools with no qualifications in dermatology needed, and follow-up skin control services.
  • Our team engaged in effective communication with over 300 potential customers, which enabled us to determine decision makers and LWRs.
  • Our efforts were recognized by in5, an innovation center in Dubai, and our project was published and supported by them, increasing our visibility and credibility in the market.

Our team's efforts also resulted in the successful reworking of the business model from a B2C to a B2B market. By identifying the key decision makers and low-willingness-to-pay segments, we helped SkinCheckUp LLC shift its focus from individual consumers to partnering with hospitals and clinics. This shift not only allowed for a more sustainable revenue stream, but also opened up opportunities for collaboration and expansion.

Now there are 2 pilot projects currently under approval, one in the UAE and another in Saudi Arabia. These projects provided valuable opportunities to test and refine the product and service offerings and allowed SkinCheckUp LLC to establish a stronger foothold in the Middle East region.