Market access services for Health Culture company

Our company recently provided market access services for a client, Health Culture, looking to enter the UAE market. Health Culture focuses on preventive medicine and improving the quality of life. Their solution includes IT services for telemedicine consultations, remote patient monitoring, medical archive, lab tests and ordering medicines at home

Our team conducted a comprehensive analysis of the market, and here is what we achieved:

  • market forecast showed a positive growth trend in the health and wellness industry, making the UAE an attractive market for Health Culture
  • 3 potential market segments identified: insurance/TPA companies, home healthcare services, and RPM for clinics/hospitals
  • Over 20 big competitors in the B2B and B2C segments are found, providing insight into market size and competition level
  • Over 200 clients are found, decision-makers and influencers for each segment are explored
  • In-depth analysis of regulatory standards and laws conducted, including necessary licenses, regulations and best location to establish a company
  • Hypotheses tested through 12 expert interviews, allowing us to validate our findings and gather valuable insights

Based on the results of the research, we developed a clear business model for Health Culture. This included a clear product positioning, description, and USP, along with a model for selling the product to the target segments and best ways to establish initial contact with customers.
In this project, we were not focused on sales. However,  in the process of interviewing 3 B2B clients were interested in implementing a Health Culture solution within their business

The results of the study provided Health Culture with a roadmap for entering the UAE market, including clear conclusions and recommendations for their next steps.