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Successful business development strategies
Successfully bring a products and services to market, generate demands and ultimately drive revenue growth.
Marketing research – building a marketing strategy, based on market segmentation, target audience and competitor analysis;

Customer development – complex customer needs analysis based on real customer data, finding product/market fit;

Business packaging – financial & business models, marketing kit, online footprint, legal base;

Medical ana non-medical products registration – regulatory strategy and road map, end-to-end clearance.
Market access
Soft landing approach to test the market's receptivity to the product, gather feedback from early adopters, and make any necessary adjustments.
Logistics and custom clearance – ensuring fast and secure delivery at a competitive cost;

Proof-of-concept – try&buy contracts, pre-sales, testing and pilot implementations;

Sales – direct sales and distribution through partner’s network to target customers ;

Partnerships – providing access to local companies as strategic partners;

GR – access to government authorities and public entities to boost yor market access in the region.
Growth hacking
A set of tactics and strategies for a soft landing for a company in the Middle East,
and rapidly growing the business at a low cost.
Legal entity – free zone or mainland company establishing, accounting, taxation, office, financial logistics, legal issues, HR;

IP management – strategy of protection and commercialization, patent, copyright and trade mark application;

Ecosystem access – successful landing through accelerators and incubators program;

Fundraising – investment data enhancing and packaging, investment mentoring.
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Sales and partnerships

11 years in sales of new technologies.
100+ operating countries


7 years in international marketing research for Tech companies

Anton Melnikov
Ivan Sobolev
Alexey Selivanov

Regulatory & IP

11 years in regulatory.
5 years in IP management

Market access

3in marketing. Expert in market access.

Social media communication specialist

Victoria Shalaeva
Olga Koptyaeva


10 years in branding, сommunicative strategies, and corporate identity

Ekaterina Melnikova
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